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Caterpillar 988 RTCH Rough terrain container handler

Manufactured by:   Caterpillar
ID: 368 | Ref MOD:33019
Units Available for sale:   1  

Condition: Mileage Hrs/Kms: 300 hrs
Year of Manufacture: 1985
The price: P.O.A.
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SPEC SHEET (Description) Caterpillar 988 RTCH Rough terrain container handler

Caterpillar 988B (RTCH) Military Rough terrain container handler (Forklift) 22,680 kg capacity.
It is designed to lift, carry and load containers 20 ft and 40 ft and lift up to two high.
Machine is equipped with side shift as well as mast tilt to allow easy positioning of the container.
This machine is in excellent condition with only 300 hours worked.

The original 50K RTCH is based on the commercial Caterpillar model 988B wheeled loader, later models are based on the Caterpillar 988F wheeled loader. The base wheeled loader, minus lifting arms and bucket, is mated to a Caterpillar model AH60 (60,000 lb. Capacity) forklift mast. The mast is used in conjunction with assorted top handlers for the handling of 20 ft (6.096 m), 35 ft (10.67 m) and 40 ft (12.19 m) ISO-width (8 ft) containers, up to 9 ft (2.74 m) high and 50,000 lb (22,680 kg) in weight.

Caterpillar 988B Military Rough Terrain Reach Stacker Now Available To Commercial Sector!

*Please note that Spreader is not supplied! The forks are not removable from the machine.

Description Caterpillar 988 RTCH Container stacker Forklift

In its standard configuration, the RTCH can stack containers two high or place them on rail or transport trucks. The RTCH's mast is equipped with carriage side shift, as well as mast tilt; lifting pins are locked in place when a container is being handled.Two non-standard variants of the RTCH have also been supplied to the US Army.
A forklift kit was issued during the initial fielding that enabled so-equipped machines to operate as a 50K rough terrain forklift. Only one US Army facility, Fort Eustis, is known to have operated so-modified RTCHs. The second RTCH variant involves the installation of a low mount fork assembly that enables the RTCH to lift half-height (4 ft 3 in) containers. A contract for the low mount fork assembly was awarded to Caterpillar in March 1992 by Volpe National Transportation System Center and 62 kits were fielded between April and September 1992. Being based on a conventional machine the RTCH follows

Specifications of the Caterpillar 988 RTCH Forklift

Engine: Cat 3408 393 HP
Transmission: ZF Powershift
Braking System Hydraulic
Steering PAS centre articulation
Tyres 35/65 - R33
Max-Load 15t
Electrical System 24 Volts
Length 10.731 Metres
Height 4.115 Metres
Width 3.505 Metres

Development Caterpillar 988 RTCH

The 50K Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH) is a non-developmental item that is a military unique integration of commercial components. The base vehicle is a Caterpillar 988B wheeled loader (later 988F) mated with a Caterpillar model AH60 60,000 lb capacity forklift mast. The RTCH is used in conjunction with assorted top handler attachments for handling standard dimension ISO containers weighing up to 25 US tons (22,680 kg). The primary use of the RTCH is in holding and marshalling areas and by supply, ammunition and transportation units.In competition with three other manufacturers, Caterpillar was awarded a USD89 million contract from the then US Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command (MERADCOM).

The top handlers used in conjunction with the RTCH were produced by ROPCO under subcontract to Caterpillar and were fielded concurrently.As options to the original RTCH contract the USAF procured three machines for use with the Containerized Ammunition Distribution System (CADS) shipments, and the USMC purchased 21 machines initially, increasing their quantity to a total of 106 by awarding a contract for additional RTCHs that were fielded in FY 88. These later machines are slightly different to the original Army vehicles. In FY 89 the USAF received nine additional vehicles. In March 1997, TACOM exercised a further contract option and purchased an additional 43 RTCHs based

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All prices quoted are based on "per individual unit" purchased, any reductions on advertised price for multiple item orders is subject to negotiation and is conducted at the time of inspection or provision of LOI.
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